Precision Putting Trainer



Precision Putting Trainer

A unique putting trainer designed to save you penalty strokes and helps you “Putt With Confidence”.


Regardless of how a “good” golf player you are, the Precision Putting Trainer helps you “SINK MORE PUTTS”
The versatile and practically indestructible Precision Putting Trainer is perfect for beginner and regular golfers of all ages. You can use it during play, for pre-round practicing, and practicing putting and golf swing drills at home. This high-quality trainer lasts a lifetime and is an unbeatable value at a price you can afford. Our Precision Putting Trainer is acceptable for use under USGA regulations.


Accurate Golf Ball Marking: Mismarking a golf ball on the putting green results in disputes and/or penalty strokes. Standard golf ball markers are round, allowing 360 degrees for mismark. The Precision Putting Trainer cradles the ball, creating the exact location when lifted and replaced. When requested by another player to move the ball, the Precision Putting Trainer allows the golfer to accurately reposition the ball. It also reminds the golfer from what direction the ball was moved.
Putting Confidence Builder: The design of the Precision Putting Trainer with the center point and 2 legs (3 reference points) helps the putter to get a much wider view of the probable putting path as compared to a single line or more lines closely spaced. This enables the putter to sink more putts. In addition, the Precision Putting Trainer help trains the putter to putt without grass lag and squaring the putter face to the ball.
And More: The Precision Putting Trainer helps a golfer when practicing sand shots to strike the ball at the proper distance from behind the ball. In addition, a golfer can practice full swing drills with any club at home or work.


Playing Drills
1. Precision Marking the Golf Ball Before Lifting
2. Accurately Replace the Golf Ball After Being Requested to Move It by Competitor
3. Improve Putting Accuracy

Practicing Drills
4. Golf Swing with Any Club
5. Hitting from a Greenside Bunker
6. Putting Alignment by Squaring the Putter Face
7. Avoid “grass lag” when Putting
8. Practice Putting Aiming and Distance Control
9. Practice Putting by Create Imaginary Holes

2.17″H x 1.97″L

Package Contain:
1 x  Precision Marker – Rugged ABS Polymer or Gunmetal Putting Trainers (Depends on your Selection)